Convertbot 1.6.1

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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Quickly convert units of measurement and currency

This program can no longer be downloaded

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  • Comprehensive range of categories
  • Simple, scroll wheel-based navigation
  • Customizable categories


  • Only displays two units of conversion at a time
  • Just nine currencies included


This program can no longer be downloaded

For some strange reason few things are measured on the same scale the World over. Whether it's pounds, kilos, furlongs, meters, gallons or liters, human beings have different ways of measuring stuff in different places.

Convertbot aims to make the process of working with different scales of measurement much easier. The app handles all manner of conversions including currency, area, volume, speed, and temperature. There are 21 different categories of units available, and you can select or deselect those that you'd like to appear in the interface using the settings menu.

Performing conversions in Convertbot is a very simple affair. First, spin the wheel to select the conversion category. Next, choose the units you need to convert too and from using that scroll wheel. Tap the window at the top of the screen to call up the number pad. Now simply enter the amount you need to convert from, and the conversion will appear in the top window.

Convertbot is a joy to use and makes for a handy reference to always have installed on your iPhone. There are improvements that can be made though: there are only nine World currencies available, for instance; and it would been nice to be able to display multiple conversions at the same time, rather than just one unit to another.

We all need to perform conversions at some point, and Convertbot is a user-friendly conversion tool that you can take anywhere.

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